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Analyze and Monitor Almost Anything on Social Media

Socialmany is the best and free social media analytics and monitoring tool. We provides Social Media Analytics, Monitoring, Instagram Influencers Lists, Account Filters by category, gender, country, language and much more. You can track hashtags. Find Social media account metrics, Find charts about engagement, comments, likes and follower, followings of any public social media account. Lets know more about exciting features.

Social Media Analytics

Search and reach Social Media Analtyics of an Account in Instagram, Twitter and other platforms.

Monitoring Social Media

Find an account or hashtag and monitor historical log data, monitor engagement, see charts about numbers

Social Media Tracking

Track public accounts on Instagram, Twitter and other platforms. Also Track hashtags, list accounts about hashtags

Filter Social Media Accounts

Filter accounts by Category, Country, Language and sort them by Engagement, Followers, Followings etc.

Influencer Lists

Find Instagram, Twitter Influencers by Most Followed. Also you can filter Influencers by country and category.

Social Media Reports

Export reports of Social Media anayltics as pdf, csv. By using our API use social media metrics in your projects

Recent Instagram Accounts
bundespraesident.steinmeier's Instagram Account Picture
Bundespräsident Steinmeier
94,401 Followers 18 Followings 270 Posts

LastUpdate: 25/02/2020

ursulavonderleyen's Instagram Account Picture
Ursula von der Leyen
72,142 Followers 99 Followings 240 Posts

LastUpdate: 25/02/2020

mikebloomberg's Instagram Account Picture
Mike Bloomberg
422,542 Followers 52 Followings 1,254 Posts

LastUpdate: 25/02/2020

sadiq's Instagram Account Picture
Sadiq Khan
113,284 Followers 308 Followings 700 Posts

LastUpdate: 25/02/2020

juanmanuelsantos's Instagram Account Picture
Juan Manuel Santos
295,156 Followers 7 Followings 2,315 Posts

LastUpdate: 25/02/2020

Recent Twitter Accounts
24_cam_39's Twitter Account Picture
Scott Cameron, Cam
878 Followers 881 Followings 4,660 Tweets

LastUpdate: 25/02/2020

mp_a_salman's Twitter Account Picture
Abdulnabi Salman
20,355 Followers 777 Followings 6,148 Tweets

LastUpdate: 25/02/2020

abstinence1989's Twitter Account Picture
4,346 Followers 63 Followings 62 Tweets

LastUpdate: 25/02/2020

alexguevarita's Twitter Account Picture
Alex Guevara
503 Followers 986 Followings 769 Tweets

LastUpdate: 25/02/2020

marygerdt's Twitter Account Picture
Mary Gerdt
3,362 Followers 4,966 Followings 130,312 Tweets

LastUpdate: 25/02/2020